Watkins does landscape

In answer to a frequently asked question —

“Did WR Watkins also paint landscapes?”

— yes he did. WR Watkins taught painting at the Maryland Institute of Art for fifty years and his output included landscapes, seascapes, still-lifes and portraits. While his lifelong exploration of the nude represents his most definitive and idiosyncratic work, here are a few solid landscapes we’ve come across recently:

WR Watkins tall treeWR Watkins autumn treesWR Watkins herring run park

Posted Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 under W Reginald Watkins, WR Watkins.


  1. Nancy Brady says:

    My late husband, Howard H. Brady, was a student of wrw in the late 60’s and 70’s at MICA, and became very great friends to Reggie and his wife Jo. When we were married in 1955, Reggie gave us a magnificent casein painting entitled Autumn Sunshine,which I still have hanging in my home. Also of interest is the fact that Reggie asked my husband if he could paint me in the nude. Since I was a new bride and only eighteen years old, my husband declined. However, Reggie had his friend and photographer Mr Cronhardt of Baltimore, photograph me at Reggie’s home on Weaver Avenue, with every intention of painting a portrait. I don’t know if this was ever done, but I still have one of the photos that Mr Cronhardt took of me. Reggie was quite a character, and I can remember very well the wonderful clutter of his studio, and their home–full of many interesting antiques and art. He took us one time to his friend on North Charles Street where he purchased a gallon can of honey, and we would sit in their kitchen and eat honey bread while he smoked his cigar. He was never without a cigar sticking out of his mouth.

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