The pastel adds pounds

Mediums impose their own methods. Watercolor is wet, it runs and it’s fast. Pastel is dry, it’s opaque and you can take your time. Case in point: two sketches of the same model, same pose, in watercolor and pastel:

WRWatkins standing blonde watercolor c.1950WRWatkins standing blonde pastel c.1950

The first sketch, in watercolor, was done so fast Watkins didn’t have time to put in all the pounds. But with the leisurely reflection of pastel, we get the fuller picture of the model.

Posted Friday, July 15th, 2011 under W Reginald Watkins, William Reginald Watkins, models.

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  1. The pastel was done by Reggie’s wife Jo at one of the regular Friday evening life classes which were held at their studio on Parkside Drive in Hamilton

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