Watkins, anti-modernist

In 1937, William Reginald Watkins punked the Baltimore Art Museum, submitting a watercolor by his 5-year old son to a curated exhibit. When the drawing was selected and the prank revealed, the resulting furor made newspapers across the country.

WR Watkins 1937 museum article

The New York Times covered it like this:

W. Reginald Watkins, instructor at the Maryland Art Institute, who contends that Baltimore Art Museum juries select ‘outlandishly childish stuff,’ disclosed today a jury had picked for exhibition a water-color picture for a mill which his 10-year old son did five years ago. “To prove that a jury would select the work of a mere child of five and discard the work of mature, finished artists, I sent in the painting done by my son,” Watkins explained.

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