Watkins & Kroll

Turns out WR Watkins taught painting at the Maryland Institute of Art contemporary with Leon Kroll during the 1920s and 30s. This may explain the synchronicity of their work. From the Maryland Art Source:

“Leon Kroll taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art … [where] he was a visiting critic at MICA from 1919-1923, and again for a period in the 1930s … In the late 1930s after he returned to Baltimore, he gave “how to paint” lectures at The Baltimore Museum of Art in the adult education program.”

Perhaps they shared coffee and linseed oil? Here’s a Watkins/Kroll side-by-side sampler:

Leon Kroll » nude on couchWR Watkins » nude asleepLeon Kroll » nude in red chairWR Watkins » nude on bedLeon Kroll » reposing womanWR Watkins » woman sitting on blanketLeon Kroll » woman in red hatWR Watkins » woman in black hat

Posted Saturday, April 25th, 2009 under WR Watkins, influences.

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